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Hablamos del Diploma con una de las mejores profesionales a nivel mundial, que se ha incorporado al equipo de The Wine Studio. Tomassella Perniciaro DipWSET es una emprendedora italiana que conoció el vino en España y que ahora se encarga de la formación y divulgación desde Suecia. Su experiencia meteórica y sus consejos son muy inspiradores.

What is your first memory in the world of wine?

My first memory is the first wine tasting I went to. It was back in 2007 when I was living in Madrid. The winemaker hosting the tasting was so amazing in explaining the line-up of wines in a very entertaining and easy way that I remember I came back home with the desire of knowing more about wine. I can say that that experience changed my life.

Who has been the person who has influenced you the most or from whom you have learned the most in the world of wine?

Honestly, there is not one person only in my case, but many. I would say that most of the people I came across in the wine world up to now taught me something and inspired me, from wine producers to wine writers and wine educators. Although they belong to different areas of the business, they all share a humble and an inclusive attitude when talking about wine. They loved sharing all they know about wine with passion and enthusiasm, values that I try to make mine while teaching people about wine.

Do you think that in Spain people know how to appreciate wine?

It has been a long time since I left Spain, so things might have changed since then. But I think that wine is part of the Spanish culture, and having well-prepared staff able to give advice in wine bars and restaurants can help people, and especially young people, to appreciate a good glass of wine.

For a student, what is essential to know about wine?

Well, I will give a WSET educator’s answer here. Wine can be appreciated and understood if we know the basics behind its production in terms of factors in the vineyard and in the winery contributing to its style and quality. It’s not necessary to go deeper into this, but if we understand the basics, we become more aware of the value wine has and more confident even when selecting a glass of wine to enjoy with friends.

Is the Diploma the future? Or should it be the present...

Diploma is already the present and will of course be the future! I always say to my Level 3 students how I enjoyed my Diploma journey. It was hard, yes, but it was so eye-opening and rewarding for me. I would do it again and again!

What readings do you recommend, inside and outside of wine?

Among wine books, I would say Wine Science by Jamie Goodie and The New Viticulture by the same author, The Wine Dine Dictionary by Victoria Moore, and The Book of Sherry Wine by César Saldaña. Outside wine, I tend to read a bit of everything in terms of books. I like historical books, for example the last book I read was about the history of native Indians in the United States, and music books and biographies. I am very passionate about black music, from country blues to soul and jazz.

Where do you usually buy wine?

I live in Sweden, where wine is sold through Systembolaget, the Swedish monopoly. Therefore, this is my main wine source when I am in Sweden. Nevertheless, there are now more wine importers and distributors who sell wine to Swedish wine consumers online, and some of them have interesting products to order. Although, I tend to buy wines in every country I travel to – always have an empty bag with you to bring back full!

What does an ideal day look like for you?

My ideal day is starting with a long swimming session (my favourite sport) followed by a relaxing sauna, going to the sea side and have a nice walk with my dog Cloe and ending up with a food and wine experience in vineyard with family and friends.

Tell us something you are passionate about and something you hate.

I love sports, especially the ones related with water and in particular swimming. I think water is my natural element. But I also love making “dough”, from sourdough bread to fresh pasta, I find it very relaxing. My last hobby is by the way making sourdough bread with ancient types of flour (old grains) and if I listen to soul and jazz music while making it, even better! What I hate is arrogance and injustice, I can’t stand either the smallest sign of this.

Tell us something more, do you miss Spain?

Do I miss Spain? Of course I do! I am happy to be in Sweden, it’s a nice place to live and much more relaxed than Madrid, I have to admit. But I have lived in Madrid for 10 years, and I keep it in my heart as my second home after Italy. I miss the Mediterranean culture and the “human touch” when meeting people you have in Spain, this is something I noticed the last time I was back last October, and whenever I have the chance, I try to come back.

Thank you so much for your time and inspiration. We hope to see you around soon!

Javier Fernández Piera - The Wine Studio