Custom Training

When designing tailored training,  we are as flexible as our customers. We view training as an important engine for the wine trade and through repeated discussions with our customers, we have been able to design programmes that have produced incredible results, both in employee motivation as in results. Our sessions are designed to generate not only a positive and fun atmosphere, but to spark the enthusiasm needed to go out and conquer the world.

How do we design our custom training courses?

1.    We study the objectives that each client wants to achieve

2.    We analyze the average level of the group

3.    We look at the time the client has available, the period within which they want to achieve the objective, and the budget available to them

4.    We suggest a program

5.    We design and conduct the training

Some examples:

-    Company and wine trade induction for new employees.

-    Design of ongoing training programs for sales teams, marketing departments, call centers, etc.

-    Benchmark tastings of  a set of competitors and from there, creation of unique selling points.

-    One-off training for wine tourism programs.

-    Training of cellar teams.

-    Incentive education programs for on-trade clients.

-    Courses for restaurant floor staff focused on a better understanding of the wine list and menu, and how in turn to optimize wine sales on the floor.

Some of our clients:


Marqués de Vargas Family Wines & Estates / Codorníu Raventós Group / Zamora Company / Capuchino Group / Pago de Carraovejas / Pagos del Rey / Marqués de Murrieta / Cellers Espelt / Aseuniv / Dehesa de Luna / Rioja Alta Group / Valladolid Chamber of Commerce / Madrid Chamber of Commerce / ICEX / Bodegas Patrocinio / The Lauder Institute University of Pennsylvania / Le Cordon Bleu / ESADE /  Barbadillo Group / Spanish Federation of Wine / Bodegas Palacio 1894 / Moet Hennessey Group / Bodegas Corral / The Co-operatives Union Agro-Alimentarias Cooperatives of Castilla-La Mancha, among others.

WSET Level 2 Award in Wines® (online)

This course focuses on the factors accounting for the style, quality and price of wines from all over the world. Using the most important grape varieties in the world as a starting point, the course covers the different wine styles made with them across different regions. It includes sparkling wines and fortified wines. We will cover France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, New Zealand, Chile, South Africa, Argentina, the United States and Australia. Altogether we’ll try more than 45 international wines, which allows us to develop and cement a unique tasting system used to describe and evaluate wine: the WSET Level 2 Systematic Approach to Tasting Wine®.

This qualification has a minimum requirement of 28 hours of study time, including 10 hours of guided learning online. Students are expected to read and study the contents of each training session before attending the videoconference classes.

10 horas videoconference

WSET Nivel 3 en Vinos® (online)

The WSET Level 3 Award in Wines is a course for wine professionals (also accessed by intrepid wine enthusiasts, who have obtained the previous WSET qualifications) designed to give a thorough understanding of the key factors in the production of wine, from viticulture through to wine production. The course will then focus on how these factors account for the style, quality and price of wine, and how they manifest themselves in each of the principal wine producing regions of the world. By the end of the course, students will have learned to accurately and objectively describe the wines using the WSET Level 3 Systematic Approach to Tasting Wine® and to make professional decisions based on these facts.

Completion of the WSET Level 2 Award or an equivalent level of experience is recommended to make the most of the WSET Level 3 Award in Wines. Furthermore, the WSET Level 3 Award in Wines is required for entry into the WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wines and Spirits.

This qualification has a minimum requirement of 100 hours of study, including 21 hours of guided learning via videoconference and a final class in our school in Madrid. Students are expected to read and study the contents of each training session before attending the guided learning courses.

100 hours (21 videoconference + 4 classroom-based)

WSET Level 1 Award in Wines® - online

For those who are just formally starting in the study of wine, both professionals and amateurs. It is a practical introduction to the production of wines, different wine styles, and major international grape varieties, wine tasting, basic principles of wine service and wine storage and finally, food and wine matching. Live videoconferences, recordings and wine samples kit delivered to your address.

6 hours live videoconference