Here are the opinions of some of our students:

Nuria Moya
(WSET 2 online)

This course has allowed me to get to know people from a different perspective, while at the same time test out my ability to learn in a new academic environment. Despite being an online course, we interacted a lot with each other and I would highlight the capability of the teachers to create such an enjoyable and entertaining atmosphere. They would always ask if you had questions or doubts and they were readily available whenever you needed them. I would also recommend the course because one learns an incredible amount about the world of wine...viticulture, winemaking, and above all, about wine regions and grape varieties along with their preferred climates. At the same time, by alternating tasting and theory, you're better able to understand why certain wines are acidic, sweet, or dry, etc. 

Francisca Prieto
Foreign Trade Specialist & KAM

“Elisa, I want to thank you for your patience and care throughout the teaching of this course. I’m not sure if the course was special because of how much I like the subject, or because of the care given by the whole The Wine Studio team while teaching it. I enjoyed the classes so much that it was a shame when they came to an end. They not only teach you about the places but take you there as well.”

Carmen Ramírez
Export Manager. Vinícola de Tomelloso

“Once again, I would like to thank Elisa, Nygil and Lynne for your professionality and hard work. I loved the course, it’s one of the best experiences that I’ve ever had. It’s absolutely recommendable for anyone who wants to and/or needs to know more about oenology, viticulture, tasting techniques, wine grapes, producing regions, etc. It is a bit (really a lot) of everything which comprises the world of wine, explained from a perspective of why things are the way they are. And you end up understanding why the most famous wines come from the best regions, vineyards and wineries, and why this is not a coincidence.”

Adrián Moreno
Wine Blogger Here We Wine

After having passed the pre-exam rush, anxiety and stress, I wanted to thank you: Regardless the final result, (Pass or Fail!) it has been a very nice experience. The leap from WSET 2 to 3 is amazing and the acquired knowledge is super valuable. I have finished the course with an incredible ammount of learning. The classes and your help have been excellent.

From my point of view, the most valuable thing has been to connect climates and wine styles. It has helped me a lot to recognize areas that I thought were difficult to understand.

Ascensión Martín
Wine Amateur

“I have just successfully completed the WSET Level 2 course in Wines. It has been a joy, and I already look forward to continue expanding my knowledge of this world of wine, with the level 3 course. First of all, I want to congratulate you for the excellent team and especially for the teachers in our course: Nygil and Javier; not only because of their very high level of knowledge but, also because they know how to communicate in a very pleasant and straightforward way. On the other hand, I would like to say that since the content is quite broad and time is short, I think that personal study is essential to  deepen the content that is taught in the classes. I encourage people to join this course! It is a great experience with a top team.

Pilar de Haya
Company Events Manager at Lavinia (WSET Level 2 online)

This is the first time that I've done an online training course and I confess that it was delightful. Under normal circumstances, it would have been very difficult for me to sign up. The online format however made it very convenient. I didn't lose any time getting to and from the course, and the comfort of being able to take classes from home more than offset the missed social aspect of on-site classes. Elisa and Nygil are two "very outstanding" teachers who are strongly committed to helping students by providing an environment in which learning becomes easier. There are times when you find people whose teaching style really appeals to you and who inspire you, and this is what I found at The Wine Studio. If they gave a course on ceramics, car mechanics, or philosophy, I would sign up ;-). The Level 2 course provides a universal language for wine, by which we can all be understood. It also helps you organize the loose bits of knowledge that you may have learned on your own but have yet to master. In addition, you obtain a respected certificate that is recognized worldwide. I would recommend this course for anyone who wants to understand more about the complicated subject of wine from very qualified people...   

Tiago Marques (WSET Nivel 2 online)
Sales Representative Central District Bodegas Olarra (WSET 2 online)

For years I've been trying to find enough time to do a course like this, and the comfort of the online format along with the trustworthiness of the course content provided by the WSET made the opportunity possible. I would recommend it not only due to the flexibility provided by the schedule but also for the academic competence and teaching ability of the course tutors (Elisa and Nygil). 

Silvia Hübner
Export Area Manager. Williams & Humbert
"Just wanted to send a quick THANK YOU to you all for your patience and time throughout the last weeks. You did a great job. Now let's see how we students did .... - ha ha .  Honestly, I've very much enjoyed this course - perfectly organised and wonderful and professional teachers. Fingers crossed for the results!
I hope next time I'll see you in jerez, rather than in Madrid, and with a glass of sherry from the butt... Always welcome!"
David Ballesteros
Trade Marketing Director of Gonzalez Byass S.A.

"The course was practical, enjoyable and yet rigorous. And of course we covered the goals set by the WSET for this level. More than advisable."

Manuel del Rincón
Vineyard Manager of Marta Maté

"From my experience, for those who want to obtain both a wider and yet deeper level of knowledge about the wine world, the WSET Level 2 course has all the features to achieve this goal. Definitely a wise choice."

Anna Espelt
Director of Espelt Viticultors. D.O. Empordá

"Elisa makes difficult seem easy. Her help has been key to clarifying our winery's philosophy and turn it into a concept that is easy to understand for all. Her knowledge of the wine world from the cellar to the final customer, and especially her global vision have helped us create the foundations we needed to be able to move forward. And we had fun along the way!"

Sandra Cabezas
Head of Training and Internal Communication. Grupo Codorníu Raventós

"As Head of Training of the Codorniu Group, I contacted Elisa Errea to see if she could help us with the design of the winemaking training program for our staff. In Elisa I have found a practical, accessible and yet very professional vision on which to focus our needs. Her adaptability to our background, her incredible knowledge of the wine world and her excellent training skills have turned our training program into a success. I am convinced that the collaboration with The Wine Studio is one of the keys to the upgrading of the oenological knowledge of the Codorniu team."

Juanma Galán
Sommelier at the Ramon Freixa Restaurant. Sommelier of the Year at the XIII Metropolis Awards

"For me, the WSET LEVEL 3 has allowed me to advance my tasting techniques and gain knowledge of the wine world at an international level, since they offer a series of guidelines and a method to more easily understand a very vast world by simplifying it, and giving us a general outlining to help us understand it, delving into subjects such as soil types and and climate. All this with the help of Elisa Errea, the director of The Wine Studio and a didactic, entertaining and dynamic trainer. Without a doubt I would recommend the course to anyone, professional or amateur."

María Díez Nepomuceno
Communication Director. Interprofesional del Vino de España

"One of the best decisions for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of the wine world once and for all. After searching through the numerous wine courses that exist on the market, I found Elisa Errea's project. What luck! First of all, due to getting to know Elisa, an entrepreneur who is professional and passionate about what she does, and who manages to convey that enthusiasm in her classes. Second of all, because in just a short time, The Wine Studio has become a reference in the sector. Her courses are enjoyable, fun, and above all very productive, because they combine theory and practice. Students who are both wine professionals and consumers obtain a greater amount of confidence, and best of all, it encourages them to continue to explore further in this wonderful sector. Cheers and many successes to come."

Alfonso Janeiro
Director of the ICEX Wine Department

"Participating in the Level 2 and 3 WSET courses at The Wine Studio with Elisa Errea represented a major transition in my professional career, and resulted in great personal satisfaction from sharing a few intense months with an extraordinary person and teacher, as well as magnificent classmates. Both courses provided me with a much broader vision of the wine sector, and allowed me to evaluate our excellent wines in a more professional way, and compare them to examples from other wine-producing countries, as well as understand the different aspects involved in producing an excellent wine. The course should be mandatory for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of this very interesting sector."

Keke Raggio
El Invinista

"I WON’T FAIL TO KEEP THE PROMISES I MAKE... And that is how I would like to begin, because this is an open letter to all of you who want to start preparing for the world’s most demanding wine qualification: the WSET. Elisa Errea assured me that I would pass Level 3... and so it happened! I passed! Few people know to transmit ideas as clear as she does. Elisa is a great communicator, and will show you the correct path in an easy and efficient way. Without a doubt, it was definitely a wise decision to choose her company "The Wine Studio". Now I’m preparing for the final assault on the WSET Diploma and I'm still in contact with Elisa because she is a ray of knowledge. THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH... YOU'RE THE BEST."

Guilhem Renaud
L'attitude Wine

"Excellent teacher, excellent location to study and good wines. The course makes you want to learn even more!"

Melissa Gardner
CEO of Melissa Gardner Wines

"Dear Elisa: I'm so happy to see my WSET LEVEL 3 results. I couldn't have done it without your guidance, your good teaching and your clear and specific information. I've taken instruction from others and believe me, the qualities I list above are not found in every WSET class everywhere. THANK YOU!"

Diego Infantes
Sales Representative

"I believe that the WSET is beyond recommendable for all amateurs or professionals of the sector as it is the most demanding wine qualification at a global level. The Wine Studio is the perfect place for the course, both due to the school’s location and to the teaching of Elisa Errea, a great professional and an excellent communicator."

Maxi Bustamante
Department of Trade Marketing of Gonzalez Byass

"I’m delighted to have completed the WSET 2 with Elisa, she knows how to communicate and excite you with her knowledge. Super recommendable, although the WSET LEVEL 2 makes you yearn for more… Now hoping to do the WSET 3!"

Socorro Castellano
Professor and Wine Enthusiast

"The best wine course that I have ever attended. The preparation of the teachers is flawless."

Isabel Gutiérrez
Director of Spanish Terroirs

“Elisa, Yolanda, Nygil,

I just wanted to thank you for all your care, your efforts and patience. 2018 will remain memorable for me due to the incredible and enriching experience of passing the WSET Level 2, and as for Level 3… We’ll see what will come out of today’s exam. Regardless of the result, I have enjoyed it a lot. I’m sure that you hear this very often, but you are a marvelous team whose teaching style is both enjoyable and yet also manages to make complex subjects much more approachable. You make it seem “logical” and almost “easy”, which is so important for our motivation and which helps us improve in every class.

Thank you very much for everything and hopefully 2019 will bring you lots of joy to toast to!”

Alejandra Revuelta
Head of the Enotourism Dept. of Bodegas Beronia

"A totally recommendable experience for wine lovers and an essential course for any professional in the sector. The best thing I’ve done in recent years given the topics covered, the course management and WSET certification. Not to mention the wines that I’ve been given the opportunity to taste! Thanks to Elisa for her dedication and professionalism, it has been a luxury."