February 25 of 2020 - WSET

For those of you who don't know about it, the "Diploma", as we usually call it, is the Captain General of international wine qualifications. Having the DipWSET credentials behind our name is one of the greatest distinctions for a wine professional. WHY is this so?

- It will take you around two years to complete the WSET Diploma. Throughout that time, you will study all the areas involved in the international wine industry: production, wine business and the ins and outs of still, sparkling and fortified wines from around the world.

- The assessment is based on your application of knowledge. You will be expected to relate the basic factors that explain the reasons why wines are made in a certain way, why they reach a certain price, how they have developed throughout their history, what are their current challenges and what the future looks like for them. All current issues, trends and challenges of the industry are addressed.

- The WSET Diploma provides us with an exhaustive tasting technique that allows us to evaluate the quality of a wine and, therefore, its adequacy to a certain price segment. Almost 200 wines from all over the world are tasted and dissected one by one in order to understand the theory behind them.

- You can only study the WSET Diploma in English; which requires a really good command of the language and is a great proof of the candidate’s proficiency.

- Two years, at least, dedicated to the study of wine require a basic ingredient: PASSION! If there is something that brings Diploma candidates together is their love for what they do. They like wine and everything around it.

Until now, anyone wishing to study WSET Diploma only had two possibilities: either study online through WSET and travel to London to sit their exams register in classroom-based courses abroad. This involved a significant budget for tastings and travelling expenses and really long self-study hours. However, from September 2020, all this will be part of the past! From September 2020 you can study the WSET Diploma in Spain for the first time. The Wine Studio has designed a two-year program, based on monthly classes and led by a team of amazing teachers.

If you think the Diploma can be for you, check our website clicking here or call us directly so that we can answer all your questions: