WSET Regulations

•    The price of the first examination sitting is included in the tuition fees for the course.

•    The candidate who does not want to or is not able to sit the exam on the scheduled date must notify with a minimum period of 20 working days prior to the scheduled date. Should the candidate fail to do so, and if exams have already been ordered from the WSET office in London, a 75€ penalty will be charged to cover administrative costs in order to cancel the examination sitting.

•    The candidate may delay the date of the examination and take the exam at a later date, when an exam of the same level has been scheduled. In some cases, candidates may also take the exam the last day of class, upon advanced notice. See point 2.

• The WSET does not authorize any candidate to take the exam without having attended the course, with the exception of students doing online courses.

• What happens if you fail the exam? The candidate can take the exam a second time upon payment of the corresponding administrative fees, and notifying within 20 working days prior to the date of a scheduled future exam. The Level 3 exam is divided into a theory exam and a tasting exam, which the candidate can retake independently.

• Can the exam be reviewed? Yes. The WSET has a system of examination enquiry and feedback, with certain administrative costs. If you need information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

• Grades of re-sit examinations will be included in the diplomas, except for Level 3 examinations, for which the maximum grade in re-sit or later examinations shall not exceed "Pass with merit".

Administrative fees corresponding to re-sit examinations from 2018-2019:

Level 1

€100,00 VAT included

Level 2

€160,00 VAT included

Level 3

 €225.00 VAT included

Only Theory

€150,00 VAT included

Only Tasting

€75,00 VAT included

Note: These prices relate to examinations that have already been scheduled for students at the school. It may be possible to arrange a separate examination for a specific date, but prices will vary. Please do not hesitate to contact us.