Are the WSET titles you offer the same as those offered in London?

We are the authorized center #1465 of the Wine & Spirit Education Trust. This means that our courses have the same validity as any other WSET course offered in any part of the world.

We register our students with the main WSET office in London, who is responsible for sending us the exams. Once candidates take their exams, we send them back to London for correction and receive the results from there, and subsequently communicate them to our students.

What level should I be taking?

Please don’t hesitate to call us to clarify these kinds of doubts, as they’re much more common than you think. It all depends on your knowledge of wines, especially of international wines. The WSET has little to do with the purely technical side of winemaking knowledge.

Is it mandatory to enroll in all levels? Can I jump directly to Level 2 or 3?

While it’s  not mandatory, it is recommended. If you're an enthusiast of the world of wine, who is starting their training from the beginning, then we would recommend Level 1. If your knowledge of international wines is very basic (that is, you cannot distinguish between a Pouilly-Fumé and a Pouilly-Fuissé), but your relationship with wine is not new, then Level 2 would be best. If you have a deep knowledge of the wines in the world, but want to learn more in order to fill in gaps and be able to specialize, then Level 3 would be best. We also offer a level test for those deciding between Levels 2 and 3. In any case, I’d refer you back to question #2: Don't hesitate to call us!

Are discounts offered?

Former students of The Wine Studio receive a 10% discount. We also apply that same discount to groups of 4 or more people who register together for a public WSET course. Our discounts are not accumulative.

How can I reserve a seat in one of the courses?

You can reserve your seat by paying 50% of the total registration amount. This will ensure your seat and and allow you to receive the material in order to start preparing for the course in advance. The remaining 50% must be paid before the end of the registration deadline.

Are the WSET courses at The Wine Studio the same as those offered at other WSET schools in Spain?

Yes… AND NO! The backbone of our courses is the same. There are mandatory course contents and materials developed in the United Kingdom, but the differences lie in the following aspects:

• The teachers, their careers, their way of communicating, their own training, their reputation within the industry and their ability to harmonize with students…

• The wines tasted in the course. There is a mandatory list of wine regions and/or styles, but each school designs its own specific wine lists. Our goal is for students to taste the most representative and highest quality wines within each category or style, without skimping on the wines chosen. If you want to see our lists for Levels 1, 2, and 3, send us an e-mail (administracion@thewinestudio.es)

• The time invested and the format. The Wine Studio is extending the duration of Levels 2 and 3 to ensure that there is enough time to discuss and enjoy the team spirit and positive atmosphere generated in class. For the same reason, we do not offer intensive courses (see question 7).

Why are WSET intensive courses not offered?

WSET courses are offered in a variety of formats. One of them is an intensive course. At The Wine Studio we believe that WSET courses are more than just a title. They are a decisive step in increasing the knowledge (and enjoyment!) of wine and it’s important to allow the contents to settle. We have also seen great friendships develop in our courses, and an intensive format would not allow the social part of our training develop.

What wines will we taste?

Approximately half of the course is dedicated to tasting wines from around the world in order to illustrate everything we talk about in class. We have spent a lot of time designing lists of representative, fantastic wines. We also have a sponsorship program, which allows us to invest more money in the wines, which we do not yet have "godfathers" for. If you want to know more about the sponsorship program, click here: (Link to section) and if you want to see our wine lists, please send us an e-mail to administracion@thewinestudio.es.

Can you assemble a customized course for a group?

Of course, we can organize a course in any part of Spain. We need a minimum of 10 people to be able to organize it.

Do you teach courses in English?

Yes. We regularly organize WSET courses in English in Madrid. At the moment, this is the only venue where they take place. The rest will always be offered in Spanish.

What happens if I fail the exam?

The registration fee includes one exam sitting. In the (unlikely!) case of failing the exam, you can always take it again, paying the corresponding fees. Check exam regulations here and write us about possible exam dates throughout Spain.

When will I receive the material?

We ship the course materials to our students by courier as soon the registration is formalized or the seat is reserved.

How long do I have to devote to study the course?

The approximate times are as follows:

•    Level 1: 4 hours of self-study

•    Level 2: 30 hours of self-study

•    Level 3: 100-125 hours of self-study