February 19 of 2020 - Actualidad

Last week DOCa Rioja Regulatory Board announced the launch of Rioja Wine Academy its own education platform. The Regulatory Council approached us some months ago to develop tailored content for the project, edit existing content and coordinate the academic guidelines of the courses. Rioja Wine Academy is an international, bilingual (Spanish-English) digital training platform offering specialised courses on the region, aimed primarily at professionals, but also available for wine enthusiasts

At the moment, the academy is offering four programmes:

• Rioja Wine Diploma

• Rioja Wine Diploma for Trade and Distribution

• Rioja Wine Diploma for Wine Tourism

• Rioja Wine Certified Educator.

The later is aimed at future Rioja Educators. Its foundation is Rioja Wine Diploma, which musth must be completed before access the “live” course, which will take place in the region in the month of June. This project is an update of the official course for Rioja Educators, which the Regulatory Council launched in 2016 and has already certified 100 trainers in more than 20 countries.

We believe that the most innovative part of the course is its practical approach, which translates into the specialized modules and a list of recommended wines to taste that definitively round off the courses. Without these wines, it would be difficult to fully understand the nuances of the current wine styles and the great surprises awaiting Rioja lovers.

Participating in such a project is a tremendous pride for The Wine Studio as it is fully aligned with our way of understanding wine education and communicating wines from Spain. In this project, we have had the pleasure of working closely with great teammates: Within the Council, coordinating the project, Ana Lópezcano Lamarain, DOCa Global Marketing Project Manager. As experts in e-learning, we worked with TAK - Take Away Knowledge, a company dedicated to solutions of digital training that has amazed us with their creativity, their ability to work and their positive character.

The courses are now available online and the response worldwide has been fenomenal. As of today, there are already more than 800 people enrolled in the courses. WAY TO GO, RIOJA!