Dear #winelovers, sorry to insist...

May 6 of 2020 - Actualidad

Many of you have commented that the Netflix film "Uncorked" was not what you expected... but you still learned a lot! The first is that the services provided by a sommelier are always better when there is real devotion behind them. Then of course, like with all things, you have to work at it, through non-stop tasting and studying. 

The most important thing for us however, is to witness how the love for wine, consumed as part of daily culture, continues to grow. Although we love classics like Sideways or Cab Wars (sound familiar?), we wanted to share some additional feature films and documentaries that will not only help you in your studies, but which you can also just sit back and enjoy.

Films and documentaries

• Wine Country (Netflix) 

• Noche de vino y copas (SuperClassico, Amazon Prime Video)  

• Uncorked (Netflix) 

• Sour Grapes (Netflix)  

• The Reign of Terroir (within the series Rotten, Netflix)  

• Our Blood is Wine (Amazon Prime Video)  

• Wine Warriors (Amazon Prime Video)  

• SOMM (Netflix)  

• Wine Portfolio (Amazon Prime Video)  

• It starts with wine (Amazon Prime Video)  

• A year in Champagne (Netflix)  

• The Wine Van (Amazon Prime Video)  

If you come across other films worth checking out, definitely let us know.

And please take care everyone! We'll see each other soon!