• The price of the first examination sitting / assignment assessment for each unit is included in the tuition fees for the course. One sitting per unit. 

• Non-shows: the candidate who does not wish or is not able to sit the exam on the scheduled date must notify administracion@thewinestudio.es before the published registration deadline. Should the candidate fail to do so, a 75,00€ penalty will be charged to cover administrative costs in order to cancel the examination sitting. In addition, exam fees will not be refunded and the candidate will have to pay the corresponding exam fees for the next sitting. 

• In case a candidate fails an exam, they can take the exam a second time upon payment of the corresponding administrative fees and notifying administracion@thewinestudio.es within the published examination and registration deadline dates. Prices for exam resits are indicated at the bottom of this document. 

• Assignment topics for the Independent Research Assignment - D6 will be announced in August every year. Students will be required to hand in their assignment to The Wine Studio prior to their registration for the corresponding deadline (January or July). 

• In case a student fails an exam, this can be reviewed. WSET has a system of examination enquiries and feedback, with certain administrative costs. If you need information, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will provide an additional document describing the processes. 


The Wine Studio students (Students from other schools) 

D1 Wine production 

200,00€ VAT included (235,00€ VAT included)    

 D2 Wine Business  

200,00€ VAT included (235,00€ VAT included)   

D3 Wines of the World  

Theory: 300,00€ VAT included (335,00€ VAT included )   

Tasting: 395,00€ VAT included (425,00€ VAT included)    

D4 Sparkling Wines  

260,00€ VAT included (305,00€ VAT included)    

D5 Fortified Wines  

260,00€ VAT included (305,00€ VAT included)    

D6 Independent Research Assignment  

240,00€ VAT included (275,00€ VAT included)