The WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wines® is internationally considered the top professional wine qualification. It is designed to give a 360ºC knowledge of wine: from the understanding of viticulture and winemaking to wine business and in-depth product knowledge.

Your expertise is built both theoretically, through comprehensive study of a large number of wine regions, and practically, by developing your wine tasting skills to an expert level. Successful graduates acquire exceptional analytical skills and proficiency in evaluative wine tasting, gaining global recognition as authoritative wine specialists. Should you wish to progress to the Master of Wine programme, this will the best starting point. 

500 horas (128 classroom-based)
MADRID 13 January 2021 - January 2023 (FULL)
All WSET courses take an international approach to wine that is supported by a practical and objective focus that avoids poetry and personal opinions. All WSET degrees require time for individual study, which becomes more intense as levels progress. All levels require a test to obtain the corresponding qualifications. Through their enrollment in The Wine Studio, our students are automatically registered with the WSET headquarters in London, from where they are sent their exams, which are then returned to the London office for correction. If you need more information, we recommend reading the specifications of each level.